Hunkar Begendi, so I made it!

(Hunkar Begendi literally translates to “The Sultan liked it”)

Trying to keep to a healthy diet actually needs a lot of forward planning, if not we’re highly likely to bounce to the nearest hawker centre and eat something leaden with MSG and oil.

So today, I spent the day in the kitchen with some meal prep for Jon for the next 2 lunches of the week along with some Blueberry Protein Muffins for a sweet snack throughout the day. Apparently his colleagues ‘help’ him finish up the little snacks I pack for him, so I had to whip up something again today if I want my poor boy to have something to snack on during the day.

Also, these new lunch boxes are really nifty, made everything a lot less messy to pack this time. Even labeling was fun! Had to make some Hunkar Begendi (Turkish Eggplant Puree minus the lamb cubes) because I drove by our favourite Turkish Restaurant this morning and had a hugeee craving for it. It’s basically charred eggplant that is then mashed and simmered with milk and spices and cheese.




All that work and all this will be gone in 2 days? Oh noooooo! Now what do I eat?


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