Morning balls

This early afternoon, I struggled with a big tub of protein powder down the stairs to the kitchen, fully pumped up to experiment with various recipes for some product testing tonight and tomorrow. Forget about needing to buy those little weights for HIIT, just use two of these gargantuan tubs. *glares at 1kg weights at a distance*

With a few tweaks and lots of measuring and grinding (of the oats, alright?), I’m quite pleased with these mocha cashew protein bites – and I HATE protein powders, protein bars, protein chips. The taste just makes me feel ill. I suppose the coffee and cocoa powder effectively masks the tell-tale protein taste. From shadows and dust to great balls of chocolate!


In other news, it stormed with a real vengeance this afternoon, and Zeus (The god of thunder might I add?) shuddered and followed me everywhere. Tried tying a towel around him to help with the anxiety, not sure if it helped but at least it made him look a little more dignified and like an Argentinian sports fan. Sorry, but no protein balls to calm your nerves you silly boy.


One thought on “Morning balls

  1. dogs are lovely n such dearies..deserve treats n mire treats..pamper them with fun ,yummy n healthy treats😙😙😙


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