Little blessings

Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend here in Singapore! The weather has actually been really uncharacteristically not oven-like, even a little chilly at times. A weather forecast of 26 degrees these days almost feels like the DJ on the radio is telling me it’s going to snow today.

Over the weekend, Jon and I decided to start a 3-month long (at least) healthy lifestyle programme. He did it many times in the past, and I was never really keen to go along with it because I need my carbs and sweets and bed to laze on. I realized that me eating a chocolate cake as he eats a salad just isn’t very humane is it? Better we suffer through this together, than I watch him suffer while I wolf down some extra buttery microwaveable popcorn. Really quite excited actually, because it’s a challenge for the both of us, and we get to measure our progress together!

It’s really important to plan out your meals and exercises for the week when you’re trying to do something like this, if you don’t you’re just going to end up eating what’s convenient, not eating at all or telling yourself “it’s just one day, can one lah”. We planned the week out last Friday and were pretty chuffed about it, pen and paper and lots of thrills. Our meals included some grilled chicken thighs and pine nut broccoli salad for lunch, 6 piece nuggets for i’m-dying-please-feed-me tea time (ok we caved) and drool-worthy tze char for dinner (stir-fried beef and spring onion, chicken wings and white rice). We’re trying, trust me it could have been a lot worse (Upsized McSpicy meal anyone?).

Since we were gifted with the Monday off because of the Hari Raya Puasa public holiday, we planned an afternoon at the beach, followed by some padwork at the park. We got to laze on my pretty Mandala beach towel, call out to dogs running excitedly by us to dive headfirst into the water, read a few pages of my oft-abandoned novel, watch some Netflix and even take a little nap.


And then came time for some pain. Padding for that guy is no joke, my forearms are twig-like (If i had a dollar for every time someone grabbed my wrists and asked me “how do you even keep a watch on?”) and his punches and kicks are bulldozer-like. They don’t make pads good enough for weaklings to pad for muscle-men. We didn’t take pictures because I spent most of the time begging for mercy.

Today, at the start of a new week, I had an order of banana bread to attend to. And as always, it was a treat in itself for me just to bask in the aroma of baked goodness wafting out from the oven.

Zeus at his spot while I busied myself with the baking. Always think to myself, wouldn’t it be lovely to be a dog?

Everyone tells you that bananas are good for you, hey I guess that’s how monkeys get so much energy to scream at you at the zoo, steal your picnic basket and get into fights with each other right? Studies have shown that bananas actually help to lower blood pressure, reduce the occurrence of asthma and risk of cancer. But some of us just don’t really like this phallic-shaped fruit. Maybe it’s the texture, the taste.. who knows? But there are other ways to enjoy the health benefits of bananas, having them in bread for one! That’s why I love this recipe and why I keep pushing poor Jon and my sister Becky to have some (Zeus does not need to pushed into any form of consumption, ever).


This recipe switches out the usual white flour for wholewheat flour and sugar for pure honey, that’s why it is denser than the usual store-bought breads. Also evidently, white flour is terrible for you (as is sugar) which is why everything I bake switches out white flour for a healthier alternative – but I’ll get into that another day.

Here’s to a great week ahead, go bananas!


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