The only constant is change

The last year of my life has really reinforced with me that we as human beings are constantly evolving – unconsciously, willingly or forcibly. And the wisest thing to do is to embrace it and also, work through it and with it. It can bring us out of that tunnel in wondrous ways, and even if it was a shitstorm, we are ultimately better and stronger for the struggle we chose to fight against (cheesy I know, but just too true).

Like an accelerated storybook of human life, Zeus’ canine life too has gone through so many stages. And today at 11, he is an old man with two passions in life – human attention and food. Not in that order. I’ve been on a mission to help him stay healthy too, in the swirl of my parents feeding him delicious but terribly damaging human food.

Can I eat it?

And then there’s Zeus’ daddy, Jon. My sweetest and most wonderful life partner. I’m his best friend and worst enemy when it comes to food. With my bottomless pit of a stomach and (I’ve been told) high metabolism, I’m like a slim pig (now picture that for a moment), holding his hand and running through the markets to eat everything. Perhaps it’s time I give him a hand and take a little more notice of what we eat as a couple, and how we spend our days and nights to stay healthy and happy. Consistently.

Thus, it has become imperative that I cook and bake healthy meals, lace up those trainers that were beginning to crack in the heat of my car’s boot and take care of my two boys! So here we go…


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